Business (BC) & Patient Centered (PC) Consulting Services Rendered

Hydra Health Centers provides Health Related Consulting and Concierge Medical Services.


Our traditional client base is composed of:


Utilization Review Firms

Blood Product Production Companies

Medical Practices/Medical Corporations

Probiotic Supplement Companies


Hydra Health Centers can supply the following Business Centric (BC) Consulting Services:

CLIA Certified, Quality Assurance/Quality Control Analysis

Utilization Review Investigation

Health Related: Administrative Support, Business and Website Development

Tele-Health Consultation

Board Certification in Internal Medicine (Established in 2013)


In addition, Hydra Health Centers can administer the following Patient Centric (PC) Consulting Services:

Agreed Medical Evaluations (AME)

Qualified Medical Evaluations (QME)

Personalized Concierge Medical Care

Dietary and Weight Loss Counseling

Anti-Senescence (Anti-Aging) and Longevity Counseling


Medical Professionals

Disciplines: Internal Medicine/Aesthetic Medicine (Minimally Invasive) & Hepatology (Liver Disease).


Hydra Health Centers provides Concierge Medical Services and can instruct patients on how to improve her or his life and reach his or her goals. 


Hydra Health Centers can provide:

Personalized Concierge Medical Care

Dietary and Weight Loss Counseling

Anti-Senescence (Anti-Aging) and Longevity Counseling

As well, Hydra Health Centers can easily refer patients to the Gym, Yoga Parlor and/or Massage/Spa of his or her choice.


In addition, Hydra Health Centers can administer:

Agreed Medical Evaluations (AME)

Qualified Medical Evaluations (QME)

Entrepreneurs & IT

Hydra Health Centers has recently launched its newest wing, the exceedingly adroit and innovative Cloud Development Division (CDD).  CDD is dedicated to creating, enhancing and marketing Health Related Websites and developing health related software.  It is or goal at Hydra Health Centers to promote quality companies that hope to have a positive effect on humanity.  We want to help.





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